Saturday, September 16, 2006

daze away

I've still got a few weeks till school starts and I'm using every minute of my time studying. OK, so this might sound obsessive, I don't care. I just want to enter my classes with some information so that I'm not just grabbing at bits as they fly by. It's fun work.

I've got a good schedule for the moment. Road riding to campus, I've got work study now, for about an hour and twenty minutes, spinning a 36 to 17 gear feels good and warms me up for the day. After working at campus, I'm so grateful to be on campus now, being part of the system and the flow of the place, and of all schools I've ever been to this one the community feel at ease. There's laughter. Man, how many schools have I been at where the laughter was not joyous, but something else, something ill at ease. And every one reaching out to help. I've got to admit the hearing Collen Phelan's Laugh just make my day.

Speaking of making my day, yesterday while getting water, the woman behind the counter said to me, "Your so luck to be outside today. It's a beautiful day." Wow. She was, is my guru in my mind. It's so great when even when everything is going well someone can wake up and take you higher. Thank you. Namaste, my friends.

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At 8:58 PM, Blogger AMorris said...

A drawing of all of your friends, I see. I'm sure that psoas and quadratus lumborum feel different on paper than they do on the table. Ask around to see if they have a cadaver lab planned this year or next. I'd like to get in on one and you'd probably dig it. You can learn more in 3 hours than you can in a week of class. Got some books for you.

At 4:31 AM, Blogger b1umb0y said...

Have you ever thought of becoming a medical illustrator?

Looking at these sketches, I would think it would be an easy transition. You got the skillz!

Anyway, great stuff!


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