Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lance Armstrong Foundation

"The greatest quality is seeking to serve others." Atisha.

There is nothing better. And yet it can be both so easy and so hard to do. Hard because we, or I, get so stuck in our lives that it is hard to see another, let alone reach a hand out to help. And here's a moment. For the cyclist, and for the those who care about others. I recently donated this painting title "Over the Line" to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Here's a good cause. It combines the heroic aspects of facing cancer and then over coming the hardships and becoming a champion. All survivors of cancer are champions. All survivors of cancer are heros. I've lost both family and friends to many forms of this disease, and I've seen those who have endured years of suffering with the agony that this disease can bring. And I know many who have endured, survived and I've even forgotten that they once had cancer. And I know that most of us know someone gone, facing, or surviving cancer. And so here's a chance to help out. If your interested in this painting contact Julie Thomas at the Lance Armstrong Foundation. She'll let you know when and where this painting will be availible. Here's here contact.

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At 4:47 PM, Blogger AMorris said...

Rudi, you rock!

At 10:32 PM, Blogger singleswizzle said...

I love this painting. I have this print with the 2005 RAAM on it. Also, I have the 6th annual 24itop print. Being far from home living in LA, these paintins mean a bunch to me. When I look at them on my overpriced one bedroom apartment it reminds of home. I love them and my girlfriend loves them. She has never had the chance to meet the wonderful Rudi nor does she ride, but she lets me hang them on the wall because they are beautiful. lots of love, singleswizzle


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