Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Post San Diego musing

I don't worry if I get things right. Wrong. I worry needlessly if I've got things right. It's a form of pain, of self identification. Of ego. Foolish selfish. Better off getting in the water and do some body surfing.

I'm thinking about the line that Jesus says to his disciples about "turning the other cheek." One of those ideas I can turn as a weapon on myself. Call it a deep conceptual misunderstanding, or maybe just weakness, using this phase as an excuse. I can confuse the concept of "turning the other cheek" with laying down on my back and saying "kick me." And that's not what this should be about. I feel he's after is what Gandhi and the Buddha were after. Don't get angry, don't strike back, but don't just lay down. Be strong and without violence face your great enemy. Change the world with giving with joyous effort, without anger. Clear the mind. All is empty.

Maybe there is one enemy that violence can be use on. This would be the true enemy. The part me that clings to samsara, to the world of illusion. The part that says "I suffer therefore I am." The part that thinks it knows. The part that desires. The part that cannot see reality as it really is.

And if I die tomorrow, and I can't add or change what I wrote today. There's that ego, clinging and grasping, better let go now. I'm just digging in deep, and I don't really get it.
Smile. Shine.

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