Saturday, February 14, 2009

lucky charms

Aim and I are doing our grounding work so we can have an evening together.  Dinner at Barrio Grill.  Yum.  So, she's in her studio and I'll be studing the things that I do for a bit more.  
I had a good ride this morning. And I finally wore out my nanoraptors.  I've been riding these tires since early November.  I've been really, really riding them.  About 140 miles a week.  Not all trail, about fifty fifty.  The tread on the rear has been pretty minimal for a while and the sidewall were showing threads.  When my front tires sidewall nicked a rock this morning I decided to refresh the sneakers.  More Nano.  Like the nanos.

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At 12:18 AM, Blogger Fire Horse said...

RUDI, glad to see you alive and posting again! Love the new art. Can we all see an updated photo of your bike as well? I see you are a Katie Compton fan as well. One year I got to see her totally dominate the short track event at the Sea Otter Classic in about 6 inches of mud. She was the only racer with cross wheels which enabled her to slice thru the mud. Funny enough, many of the other racers went with wide tires and were wiping out left and right. Anyway, if your ever near Santa Cruz let's go for a ride,
Troy in Santa Cruz

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Rudi said...

I'm getting a new fork for my bike. Once it's on I'll post it for you.

Thanks Troy


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