Saturday, August 12, 2006

I always find it amazing how much I might have to say while I ride by myself. But then my friend Matt Chester would probably disagree. I can go for miles and miles without saying a word. It is all internal. Though bubbles are moving along at there own pace. Here's one bring the camera on the rides. There's so much stuff out there. Bags with beer cans, a Gila Monster, Poppies, clouds in the sky, rain falling over there, a three day old dead cat becoming one with the road. Dead rabbits and dead mice with an ant on it. I guess the thoughs get washed out as the ride moves, left by the road side like all the road kill and waste. Riding as an emptying process.

After trying to do the Great Divide Race on a fixed gear and having to stop way to early, well, I've had time to think things through. First stress sucks. I spent so much time last year sick and injured and worrying. The GDR needs to be done with out that kind of stress. The route is one worth being in joy while doing. It should be a joyous effort unconcerned with results. Between raising the funds to do the GDR and blinded by my ego, I got to learn a great lesson. As things go, it looks like I'll be doing it again because it calls me. I'll still use a fixie, but with a freewheel on the other side of my hub for the flat and long slow steady pavement parts. I don't really enjoy a freewheel, but when I'm out doing 100 plus mile days the chance to get up and stretch my legs is a good thing. And as for the ego thing......well, it's moments like this where I find I'm not so empty.

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At 4:32 AM, Blogger Richard said...

Hi Rudi, What gear did you use on the GDR ? What gear would you use for a freewheel ?

Cheers Rich.


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