Friday, August 11, 2006

Ha! I feel like a new born with these things floating in front of me. They seem to move up and down and grasp and these funny shapes and warm moist things leaning in. Everythings automatic. I do things that I can't control and have things done to me. Me?! Blogging.

After riding through the Montana section of the Great Divide route, I've come home to world empty of everything. There's still these things I do, but they don't mean the same thing that I once held to. Painting and drawing I love, but I just can't get into doing or thinking about a gallery or promoting what happens in the studio. I'll just post drawings and painting here for the pleasure of sharing. And riding, which had become racing, which has blissfully become riding again. Meditation, tai chi is drawing me in more. Painting, cycling, tai chi, sitting, life all meditation.

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